Well that was rude....

So get this, a friend of mine had me cancel my plans and turn down things with other people to go shopping with me this friday, and she said she was gonna invite another person
only she didnt invite the other person so IIIIIII had to chase down that person and get her confirmation
but that person said that if i'd told her earlier she could have but it being so close to friday - she couldnt. and if this friend of mine had actually invited that girl on time, she could have made it
so it was just gonna be this friend of mine and me this friday
except she calls me THE DAY BEFORE after i've begged my mum and done loads of chores to stay on her good side, and says she cant make it because she's going shopping with another friend of hers
ok did i say she called me?
i meant...
she didnt bother calling me
she didnt even bother sending me a facebook message
SHE waited until III logged onto msn, and until III started a conversation with her, and without any hello's or how are you doing's, she just goes 'i cant come tomorrow'
*black eyes*
and it's not just any other friend - it's someone she can see every day, and it's also my best friend!!!
this is why i may be her best friend but she's not my best friend
so anyways, she says a while later that she MIGHT be able to make it tomorrow, since she's supposed to leave in an hour and my best friend hasnt called her yet
so i said oh i see, replacing me :P as a joke obvz, and she knew it was a joke
but then she didnt reply for 15 mins
then logs off msn
god i dont know WHAT i did to her -.-"
while everybody else ignored her because she can be soooooooooooooooooo annoying, i kept talking to her because IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII know not to be RUDE!
and like all day yesterday, i TOLD her i'm busy and that i got a lot going on, but she kept suspecting me and being all suspicious that i was blowing her off (When i never do that to anyone anyway cos i'm not RUUUUDE), and she kept asking me to go on skype and to stop what i'm doing and talk to her and stuff like that
then halfway through our convo, she LEAVES and says she's busy now
and i'm like o.O
then it's just urgh :@ she drives me crazy!!
but it's just tacky and lower class and just plain rude
but i mean if she WANTED to ditch, the least she could have said was 'my mum says i cant go town tomorrow, but i can go today. your best friend said she can go today so if you want you can come with us'
and even if she DIDNT want me to go with her for some reason - SHE KNOWS I COULDNT SAY YES ANYWAY, because i TOLD her that i cant go anywhere today since my mum's going to work
so she could have easily slipped out of the situation without being so god damned blunt about it
THIS is why she's not my best friend
and THIS is why nobody else is her best friend -.-"
god she's just so damned rude
i mean cancelling on me is one thing
there is only so many bitch slaps i can take before i attack somebody o.O

I wish i was Hermione Granger...

well no actually i wish i was hermione granger since she had that little necklace with the hourglass that made time rewing and go forward and stuff (?)
you see, i HATE waiting
so i wish i had one of those to just hurry up the process!!
garrhh it really does annoy me
i'm waiting for my programmes to load, i'm waiting for school to hurry up since i havent been surrounded be 200 people in 6 weeks (since the holidays started) well actually... i've been to parties so since monday really
but still it's been three days and i am MISSING people!! :(
and i wish this friday would hurry up bcos i gotta go shopping & dress shopping
and i ALSO gotta go to a party on saturday so i wish saturday would hurry up
and then i wish that my results would come in already
*tearing my hair out* gahhhhhhhh

Getting hit on by a woman

what is a straight, single woman supposed to do when they're hit on online by another woman? i explained to them that i'm straight in the nicest way possible, but it's still a wierd experiance huh? and this is why i should upload a userpic - so people will know i'm a woman...
i would think the background - being pink - would be a pretty big pointer.
but then again, gay guys like pink as well so perhaps they thought i was a gay guy?
especially since i drool over ian somerhalder on here
but then if i WAS a gay guy, why hit on me?? gay people like men o.O
ah the unimaginable thoughts that whirl around in my brain
i really should purchase a pensieve (hp reference :P)

i love having a place to write all of my thoughts down, and have a complete right to write whatever the hell i want since it's MY journal
haha right to write
ok peace guys ^_^

Writer's Block: It’s just a game…

Do you pick truth or dare? Tell us why?

if i'm playing it with my best friends then dare because truth boring since they know everything about me anyway, but if it's people i dont know that well, then truth since they can get to know me better this way and dare can get kind of risky if i dont know or trust them

mood descrpt: well i did 2 hours of exercising, 300 leg lifts, an aerobics and pilates class, and 500 crunches, then repeated before i went to bed also, and i was exercising whilst sleeping (i learnt a few secret tricks) and i had to stay still all night because of it (long story) and so my limbs are sore. oh and i also fell on my butt when i was coming downstairs so my buttocks hurt :/ xx

Writer's Block: All by myself

What’s one thing that you love to do all by yourself?

chilling out
having a lazy day
lazy days with friends means having to blindfold them to save their eyes from your ugliness
so i like lazing around in ma funky pj's, watching a bit of ian somerhalder, snacking on a candy bar, sitting outside just because i can in my garden ^_^

Writer's Block: The state of perception

Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?

definietly taste
then i would have no need to eat all these calorie packed sht
and i could finally become a size 4
because size 6 is rly starting to annoy me right now
even though it's a size 0 in america, i'm still chubby -.-"

Writer's Block: Friends 4 ever

Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

who doesnt have a best friend? lols if they dont have a best friend, themselves is their best friend... unless they're like self spiteful or something. anyway yah, and our friendship is... well one best friend is 3 years, the other is about 2 years now. and another one was 4 years, and another was about 2 and a half years.
and there's another one that's 5 years but honestly i like the 2 years one the most, then the 3 years one, then the 2 and a half years one, then the 4 years one, then the 5 years one. i guess you meet more reliable, mature people (who i like to be friends with. immature people are annoying and loathesome) when you're older. i mean those are my ultimate closest friends, but i have a lot more that i've known for longer. i just choose my friends carefully since certain events took place.
plus i had to leave a load behind since i left primary school :/

Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

i would be an eighteen year old celebrity :D
because i always wanted to be 18 for a week then go back to 15
and i always wanted to be a celebrity for a week then go back to being normal
and i would shop until i drop and party and drink and meet hot guys :D
just the usual ^_^